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To all the couples whose wedding got delayed due to COVID-19 situation and now you are willing to
have small intimate wedding at your home with all your loved ones (under guidelines) and make sure you still
capture it as best memories, we are happy for you to hire us as your wedding photographer.
Let us serve you the best…


DSK is a Professional Wedding Photographer and renowned Cinematographer in Mumbai City.
With 6 years of experience and working on more than One Thousand projects, DSK has elegant and unique skills in crafting valuable wedding memories.

Our Services


Drones can be a fantastic option to consider when you choose your wedding videography and photography, as they gleam up the scenes in a different way.


A creative way of filming and documenting your moment while telling the story to its viewers.


A moment where the camera captures people when they are not aware of their picture being taken to create amazing memories.


LED is a great choice where the cinematics and present moments are displayed in real time within the wedding.

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